The Wind


Andrew WyethCeaseless,
the wind has raved

as if motionless.

Not from fissures or splits
you hear the howling sounds…

Stand up in every corner,
by closed or open doors
or run beyond the tottering fence

The sounds of furious wind,
like time and place,
is one for reference…


-Painting by Andrew Wyeth


Why So Beautiful?


I think I know why beautiful things are beautiful!

It’s all about pattern recognition! Memory and familiarity.

Our brains are essentially pattern recognition machines. One of their jobs is to observe looking for patterns, analyzing them and storing analyzed information in short term memory and then comparing them with previous information stored in the memory. That’s what we call understanding. When we find a pattern and understand it we feel an exhilarating amount of joy! Sometimes we even laugh when we learn…  Finding things beautiful is somewhat very similar.

To understand this… let’s see an example, Give someone a piece of paper and ask him to make something beautiful. Now, let’s give it to a child. I bet the child “having very few patterns installed in his memory” would wreck the paper and distort it. You most probably would find what he did ugly. The information your mind receives are…

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